A Quick Chat with Sparkplug Nashville Ambassador Tim O’Connell

Tim O'Connell is one of our Community Ambassadors in Nashville. We chatted with Tim recently to get to know him a little better and learn about his favorite Nashville spots.

After moving to Nashville in 1970 and graduating from Belmont University with an M.B.A, Tim steadily started his career as a songwriter, harmonica player, music publisher, and educator. He started playing in the 1970’s, and impressively taught himself by playing along to records. Today, he writes songs and plays harmonica in a band called The Colors of Nature, and his songs have been recorded by artists all over the world, in places such as the US, Germany, England and New Zealand.

One of the most valued aspects of the music scene in Nashville, according to Tim, is the highly skilled level of the studio musicians, and his to-go locations to watch them live are The Station Inn and Ryman Auditorium. When asked where is the best spot to get amp tubes fixed or guitars serviced in Nashville, Tim recommends his two favorite places: Ferg's Amp Repair in Berry Hill and Glaser Instruments in Berry Hill.

 Tim also shared with us his most memorable experience with music in Nashville.  When Tim first moved to Nashville, Johnny Cash, one of his favorite artists because he was open to all kinds of music, was taping a television show at The Ryman. Tim and his wife would go every single week to listen to Cash and enjoy the great music. His list of favorite artists also includes: Vassar Clements because he could play all kinds of music, and Dolly Parton, because she has done a lot of great things for the people of Tennessee.

In a more serious tone, Tim answered that the causes he most cares about is the prevention of rape and sexual abuse and the prevention of global warming.

With his huge heart and talent, Tim is an indispensable member of our Sparkplug community.