New Features! Customize Reservations & Improved Dashboard

We're excited to announce some new features on Sparkplug!

1.  Improved dashboard.

When looking at your reservations and messages, you might have noticed our new and improved dashboard. In addition to a general makeover, we've streamlined your account information so that you can access your reservations, messages, listings, wishlist, and profile all from one place.

2.  Customize your reservations.

We know that a lot of rentals are unique - you may need an extra stand or don't need all of the drums listed in a kit - so we wanted to make a way for our members to interact with one another and easily customize their reservations.

We've added two new ways to customize your reservations: (1) from an inquiry and (2) from a reservation request. Owners can now elect to change what's included in a listing, their pricing for the reservation, and their delivery options.

The features are self-explanatory and easy to use, so feel free to jump in. If you want a little more guidance, here's a play-by-play of how to find and use them:

If you're a renter:

You can reach out to the owner of a listing by either Requesting to Book or Sending an Inquiry (if you have questions or aren't completely sure that you want to book), detailing your individual needs in the message field. Do you need an add-on that wasn't included in the listing, like hardware for drums or a stand for a guitar? Have a delivery outside of their set radius? Or want to see if they can package some of their other items in this reservation?  Explain what your questions or needs are.  

In response to an inquiry, the owner can choose to invite you to rent their item, based on the listing's standard offerings or the customized details you provided. If you submitted a reservation request, the owner can approve or reject the reservation based on the standard terms or amend the request to include customized terms.  Whether the reservation is created through an inquiry or customized from a reservation request, you get to review the changes and approve the reservation before it's confirmed.  

If you're an owner:

A prospective renter may reach out to you via an inquiry message or by submitting a reservation request, and they may include some questions or details that make their reservation a little unique (whether adding or removing items, changing delivery details, etc.). Rather than having to create a new listing just for that renter, you can now customize the reservation for them.

If a renter sends you a reservation request and asks for special inclusions, delivery, rate changes, etc., you can change the reservation details (including pricing) by clicking "Amend Order" and following the steps before you click to "Approve" the reservation OR you can communicate with the renter before approving via our messaging system by clicking "See full conversation." In that case, you can Amend Order and Approve once the terms are agreed via messaging.  If amended, the reservation is then sent back to the renter for review and approval. 

If a renter sends you an inquiry, you can now invite him or her to rent straight from the messaging area in your dashboard.  Once you know the terms of the rental, click "Send Rental Invite" and fill out the details from there. You can Amend Order just like in a reservation request, giving you an opportunity to fill in any special details or pricing.

As always, if any questions come up, don't be shy! Drop us a line at