The thing about community marketplaces is that they thrive entirely on... well, community. 

We know that musicians form one of the strongest communities in the world. They are naturally collaborative, supportive, and - of course - creative. We want your experiences on Sparkplug to be indicative of that identity. 

So, if you find yourself interested in an item, but you have a question - message the owner.

If you have a question about how the site operates - email us.

And if you go through a rental experience - submit feedback.

We want you guys to talk to each other, to share with each other, and to create with each other. We're just the vehicle that allows you to do so safely and effectively.

Let's keep the Sparkplug process super transparent - in listings, communication, and rental experiences - and the community will take care of itself.

As always, let us know how we can help.

The Sparkplug Team