On Sparkplug, your gear's photos are the first thing a member sees when checking out a listing. Taking a little extra time to snap the right shots can go a long way in courting your prospective renters. With that in mind, here are some tips for achieving a strong set of photographs.

1. Keep it clean. 

You may not mind the specs of dust beneath your guitar strings or on your piano hammers, but capturing your gear at anything other than it's sparkling best does your listing a disservice. Give your piece a dusting before you get out your camera. And while you're at it, the veneer on many instruments and pieces of equipment can be a magnet for fingerprints and smudges. A once-over with a soft cloth will smooth away those marks and do a world of good.


2. First impressions are the most lasting.

Your main photo is the one that will show up in all search returns for your item. It is the first thing a prospective renter sees of your piece and a beautiful one will go a long way in capturing people's attention. While subsequent photos can (and should!) detail the whole of your item, including any condition notes you would like to document, the main photo can be more emotionally evocative than the others. You own and love this piece; what about it makes your heart skip a beat? 

3. Show off, why don't you? 

Highlight the distinctive features that make your gear unique or a cut above the rest. Listing an acoustic guitar with a pick up? Document the fact that you've got multiple controls. Got a premier vintage item? Snap the serial number so that other aficionados will spot its pedigree. Whatever the detail, capturing it in your photos will only improve your listing's depth and trustworthiness. 

4. Honesty is the best policy.

Showcasing your gear in its most beautiful light is important - but not at the cost of glazing over any notable condition issues. The best way to make sure you and your renter are on the same page about any distinguishing marks? Document them in your photos. Snap a picture of a nick or discoloration. That way everyone is clear when it comes time to exchange the rental.

5. Lights, Camera... Action! 

Your gear looks great perfectly propped against a lovely wall in your apartment or studio. But there's something about seeing it onstage and in use that can really tell a story - and get people itching to make music. You can capture a potential renter's imagination by including photos from live shows or sessions in your listing. 

That's it! Now, it's just about getting started. And you can always edit your existing listings, should you want to include more or different photos down the line.

If you think we've missed any important points, let us know below! We always welcome your thoughts and suggestions.