Luke Reynolds is a Grammy nominated singer, songwriter, composer and producer. He's been playing with the beloved band Guster since 2010 - but even that can't overshadow his own work, which is lush, spacey, and overall ear-candy awesomeness. As if that weren't enough, Julia happened to meet him on a booze cruise to Mexico circa 2008.

These days, we get to seem him when he darts back to Brooklyn from constant tours or between sessions for his new record After The Flood, which makes it all the more awesome that he took some time to tell us about what gear he's crushing on. Check it out below and then watch the official video for his new single "Late at Night." ...We know you'll love it. 

Of all the gear on Sparkplug right now, the piece I'm crushing on the most, is that pair of Coles 4038 ribbon mics out in Portland, OR.  

I've already made plans to buy one in 2015 since it's my favorite mic I don't own yet, and one I've used on so many recordings the past few years.  Pictures And Sound, After The Flood, Evermotion, etc.  It sounds great on everything, as a mono drum overhead, gang vocals, acoustics, piano, as a room mic.  GO BBC!  GO COLES!  GO RIBBON!  See you later Manly top end razor blade, and say hello to awesomeness.  That's just me.  But then again, I cut all my vocals on a 421.  Put that in your tom mic.  We've tried everything, and that's what works every time (thanks Jacquire King for being the first to discover that).  

  Above: Pair of Coles 4038 Ribbon mics on Sparkplug

Above: Pair of Coles 4038 Ribbon mics on Sparkplug

Usually when I'm out on the road, I save all my per diem, and eat catering food and cereal on the bus instead.  That way when I come off the road, I've got enough (or at least one big chunk of) cash to pick up something cool.  And I'd way rather buy a Coles 4038 after 3 months of eating cereal and catering sandwiches, than have a bunch of memories of burritos and tequila across suburban America. 

PLUS, this thing is out in Portland, OR and who doesn't want to go make a record in Portland? Top 5 favorite urban places in the states.  Go rent it.  KA-POW!

Love Sparkplug, love the people involved, and loved the community supporting it.  Someone for the love of god please go put that Coles to good use. 


Follow Reynolds on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to check out the video for the single 'Late at Night" from his forthcoming album After The Flood below.