Welcome to Gear Crush, Sparkplug's blog feature on all things gear. This week we're talking to New York singer songwriter Ryan Star whose 2010 album debut 11:59 made the Billboard's top 10 Rock Albums. He later appeared on The Tonight Show and VH1's Morning Buzz. Currently he's hard at work on his latest album After The Elephant. Star took a minute to tell us about some of his favorite gear he's crushing on. 

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BAE 1023 

This has been a staple in my vocal chain for years. It especially sounds amazing with an SM7  -  It is more than a NEVE replica, it has a really rich sound and color that makes the digital world we make music in a classic one.   

Wunder CM7 Microphone

My prize possession. I used to live and die by a U47 but they are getting older and it is so hit or miss if you find a good one these days. I searched far and wide and might have sang into 300 mics before I found this one. The builder and owner Mike actually hand picked a U47 transformer for me so this Wunder is an inspiration.

Dave Smith Tempest

This drum machine is as unique as a Strat. It's its own instrument with its own sound. I love to dial in unique sounds and run them down live while morphing them. It's a live performance most of the time and in a world of machine and beats in a box this stands out. It isn’t so instant, so if you are looking for pop radio you will think it is soft - but you would be wrong -  it is classic and pure and will outlast all the others.  

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Get more info on Star's upcoming album  'After The Elephant' at PledgeMusic.