Sparkplug Member Spotlight: Alexa from Little Anchor

Little Anchor

Meet Alexa from Brooklyn-based indie band Little Anchor.  Alexa listed her Nord Electro 2 on Sparkplug and here is her story:

A situation recently came up for me where a musician who shares my rehearsal space (who I hadn't met before) wanted to borrow my Nord Electro 2 73-key keyboard for a recording session outside of our rehearsal space. The person that runs our rehearsal space had put us in touch, but I didn't totally feel comfortable letting someone who I didn’t know personally borrow my keyboard. After all, I use this keyboard to gig and practice with regularly. If this friend of a friend didn’t take care of it properly, I would potentially have to get the keyboard repaired, or even replaced, and additionally, my good relationship with our rehearsal space manager would be tarnished because of a bad recommendation. 

Then, I remembered hearing about Sparkplug! Listing the keyboard through Sparkplug made me feel a lot more comfortable knowing that my instrument would be protected in the event of any damage. That was the biggest thing for me. After sending the link out, I was skeptical that this musician would rent my Nord, as I thought he might have been expecting to borrow it for free. To my surprise, he ended up renting the keyboard for two days and, naturally, he returned it to our rehearsal space in perfect condition. Since then, I've continued to rent out the Nord through Sparkplug when I'm not using it, and all of the earnings I've received have gone towards paying for my band's rehearsal space. I’m also happy that my Nord has gone on to help other musicians do amazing things, whether that entails recording an album, playing a CMJ showcase, or making an appearance on CBS Saturday Morning! It's a win-win for all musicians, and I’m so happy to be a part of the Sparkplug community.

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