If you haven't heard of Franklin, TN's indie-popsters Colony House, well, it's about time you get familiar. The band's debut record When I was Younger was released this year on Descendant Records entering the Billboard Heatseekers Chart at #3. In September they made their television debut at Late Nite with Seth Myers. It was awesome. The band is currently on the road wrapping up a US tour so we're really excited guitarist Scott Mills took time out of his schedule to talk about his favorite pieces of gear. Check it out below. 

Above L to R : Will Chapman, Caleb Chapman, Scott Mills

Diamond Memory Lane

I don't use a ton of delay so this pedal is perfect for me. Plenty of warmth and analog vibe with a really intuitive two delay sound option. I use the tap delay for my main dotted eight or quarter note long delay and the second sound for a old school slap back sound. And that's about all I need. The delay feels really real on this pedal and not machine-y. I love that about it. Very inspiring to play through.

JHS Emperor

I am able to achieve all the beachy chorus and analog vibrato with this guy. the square wave setting as well as the volume and tone sweep make this pedal extremely versatile. I have a lot of fun clicking this thing on and exploring what it can do. Its a secret weapon of sorts. A little chorus or vibrato can really make a guitar part jump out at you and demand attention or can be more subtle and create a nice base texture.

Walrus Audio Voyager

I use this pedal a lot for my more saturated, tone-rolled-off, low fi overdrive sounds. Its a really great well rounded drive that can add a light colored boost or get super gnarly and kind of classic rock-y. A very sturdy and well-made pedal. Walrus Audio is known for their creative design or their products and this pedal is no different. Sick graphic on the front is a great finishing touch.

Tyler Amps JT-46

I can't say enough about this amp. John Brinton, the owner of Tyler Amps, is an awesome guy making amazing amps out of New Jersey. The JT-46 and the Princetone, in particular, are my two favorite of the Tyler family. The JT-46 is what I use on the road. It has a really powerful and sharp sound. Beautiful chime-y high end and punchy low end. Cleans up really nicely and has smooth vintage break up. I don't leave home without it.

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